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California Resources inks CO2 management agreement for blue ammonia and hydrogen plant

Called the Grannus Blue Ammonia and Hydrogen Project, the project aims to be California’s first blue ammonia and hydrogen facility producing 150,000 MT per annum of blue ammonia and 10,000 MT per annum of blue hydrogen.

January 4, 2023

California Resources Corporation today announced a Carbon Dioxide Management Agreement (CDMA) between Carbon TerraVault Holdings, LLC (CTV) and Grannus, LLC (Grannus), to sequester 370,000 metric tons (MT) of carbon dioxide (CO2) per annum at CTV III from a new blue ammonia and hydrogen plant to be constructed in Northern California.

Called the Grannus Blue Ammonia and Hydrogen Project, the project aims to be California’s first blue ammonia and hydrogen facility producing 150,000 MT per annum of blue ammonia and 10,000 MT per annum of blue hydrogen, according to a press release.

Grannus is an independent clean-tech company that is building a portfolio of blue ammonia and hydrogen production facilities to supply the agriculture, mobility and marine fuel markets.

The blue ammonia facility will use Grannus’ patented process which is expected to operate a virtually emissions-free facility once the CO2 is sequestered. The facility will produce blue hydrogen which is combined with nitrogen to produce ammonia for use in nitrogen-based fertilizers, while the generated CO2 will be captured and then stored permanently underground by CTV. California produces over a third of the country’s vegetables and three-quarters of the country’s fruits and nuts, providing a strong ammonia market in the state. The blue ammonia fertilizer is expected to be supplied to CALAMCO, an investor in Grannus and a California-based cooperative made up of approximately 900 dealer and grower members, which represents the majority of agricultural ammonia demand in the state.

“We are thrilled for the expansion of our decarbonization efforts in Northern California where we see an incredible amount of carbon capture and storage (CCS) opportunities,” said Mac McFarland, CRC’s president and chief executive officer. “Our partnership with Grannus begins a new chapter of carbon storage in Northern California and also positions Grannus as one of the leading clean-tech companies in the state by introducing a blue ammonia facility in San Joaquin County with permanent CO2 storage through Carbon TerraVault.”

“As a next generation clean-tech company, we are excited to partner with such a knowledgeable carbon management provider as Carbon TerraVault due to their unique vault positioning in the heart of Northern California’s industrial sectors, strong subsurface expertise, and their leadership in California’s new energy economy and carbon management,” added Matthew Cox, Grannus’ chief executive officer. “California’s first blue ammonia fertilizer production facility is expected to further reduce the carbon intensity of California’s agricultural sector while delivering environmentally conscious food to every American’s doorstep. We look forward to furthering our decarbonization efforts in California.”

CDMA Highlights:

  • The Grannus Blue Ammonia and Hydrogen Project will employ a patented Partial Oxidation (POx) technology with an integrated carbon capture system. The facility is expected to produce 150,000 MT per annum of blue ammonia and 10,000 MT per annum of blue hydrogen. This translates to an initial 370,000 MT per annum of associated CO2 that will be permanently sequestered at CTV III which has a total expected CO2 storage capacity of 71 million MT
  • Grannus has entered into a master ammonia sales agreement with CALAMCO in an amount up to its total ammonia requirements. A binding offtake agreement with respect to the Grannus Blue Ammonia and Hydrogen Project is subject to finalization and approval by Grannus and CALAMCO
  • Final Investment Decision (FID) for the project and commercial operational dates are being further refined; however, at the latest the project is expected to be commercial by the end of 2027 aligning with CTV’s goal of 5 million MT per annum by end of 2027
  • CTV will provide infield transportation and a permanent CO2 storage site in exchange for an injection fee on a per ton basis that fits within the previously disclosed economic type-curve for projects that require a storage-only solution
  • The project’s location in proximity to the CTV III vault will eliminate the need for long haul CO2 transportation and certain midstream capital requirements
  • CO2 capture capital will be effectively eliminated as CO2 capture equipment, the most capital-intensive portion of CCS projects, is inherently incorporated into the base design of the new Grannus Blue Ammonia and Hydrogen facility
  • The CDMA provides Grannus with access to 50 surface acres with the option for an additional 50 acres if expansion is pursued
  • CTV will have the right to take a majority stake in the total outstanding equity of the project company that holds the Grannus Blue Ammonia and Hydrogen Project
  • CTV will have an option to purchase equity in Grannus as well as a right of first refusal to provide storage services for subsequent Grannus ammonia and hydrogen projects in California
  • The CDMA frames the contractual terms between parties by outlining the material economics and terms of the project and includes conditions precedent to close. The CDMA provides a clear path for the parties to reach final definitive documents and FID.

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