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GenH2 launches mobile liquid H2 system

The LS20 system, made for light-scale infrastructure solutions, can produce between two and 20kg of liquid hydrogen per day.

December 23, 2022

GenH2 has launched the LS20 Mobile Liquid Hydrogen System, an end-to-end liquefaction and storage system, according to a press release

The mobile liquefaction unit offers a fully integrated liquid hydrogen solution to be used in applications including transportation and energy backup. It will also be utilized as a lab setting for testing material, insulation, thermodynamic properties, and related use cases. 

GenH2 designed the LS20 for light-scale infrastructure solutions. The system can produce between two and 20kg of liquid hydrogen per day, to provide liquid hydrogen at-the-ready, when and where it is needed. 

Twenty kg of liquid hydrogen contains nearly 2400 Megajoules of energy and can be readily stored and used within GenH2's ultralight utility tank systems.

The smallest liquid hydrogen mobile unit currently commercially available, the LS20 is self-sustaining and can run independently with a portable generator or plug into a building's power source. This makes the LS20 ideal for dispensing fuel to multi-purpose drones and providing an emergency power supply to first responders, the release states.  

The LS20 is designed for those areas where relatively compact systems are necessary to enable hydrogen viability. As a complete system, the LS20 can liquefy, store, and dispense liquid hydrogen from any gaseous hydrogen source, such as a storage tank or an electrolyzer.